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Our group Demaretoys

Demaretoys is a group of toy industry professionals from all over Spain who have extensive background and experience in the world of toys. Our group is distributed throughout the national territory and, year after year, we grow and expand our presence in the country.

The group was formed Demaretoys years with a clearly defined goal: be a professional ensemble together that allows us to achieve significant advantages, among which we note: have a greater ability to purchase products and be able to offer better prices to our customers, ability to create catalogs of our products according to different campaigns for greater advertising effectiveness on consumers and also market our own product, brand, Super Toy products, exclusive items that have all the guarantees of quality the EC to complete an offer the most competitive and that we are able to offer in our stores.

Apart from these advantages and not least important, it is also important to keep in touch with other professionals to compare opinions, situations and actions, always surrounded by an atmosphere of work, progress and desire to excel.

In Demaretoys work to grow and improve every day. We strive to provide the best to our customers, remain competitive in today's market, always looking after our most valuable: our customers.

We work with top industry experts, qualified staff will serve you personally and advise you on current market movements, demand and products.

If you want to join Demaretoys and grow your business, contact us and request information without obligation. We are available all year round and we will attend with no obligation to remove any doubts or queries.

The important thing is to work with hope for the best.

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